Dana Kane Spanks (F/f): Reason to Cry

“All I want to do is brush the tangles out of her hair, and all Angel wants to do is whine and cry. The entire time, she’s fussing, talking back, and being a brat.

After finally wrestling her into her pigtails, I tell her that I’m sick of all her whining and crying, and that if all she’s going to do is act infantile, then I’m going to give her a reason to cry!

I pull her sniffling self across my lap and spank her hard with my hand AND my antique silver hairbrush, all the while encouraging her to ‘Go ahead and CRY!’

Angel’s little yellow panties don’t offer her any protection at all, especially when I make her spread her legs for a leglock, while I spank away at her sore bottom, concentrating most of my effort on hitting both cheeks with my palm at once.”


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