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  • Pandora Blake Caned for Backlash UK


    One of our heroes, Miss Pandora Blake.


    “Pandora’s Sponsored Caning”

    “Pandora Blake strips naked and takes 50 hard cane strokes on the bare bottom. This free porn film starring real life couple D and Pandora is released as part of the protest against the UK porn laws. “

    pandora blake


    See more at Dreams of Spanking on Clips4Sale


    marital discipline

    dreams of spanking


    “It’s an honour thing, an integrity thing – if I can dish it out I should be able to take it.” These are Pandora Blake’s determined words as she strips naked and settles down on the bed for a hard 50 stroke caning on the bare bottom.

    This free caning video shows a delicious amount of behind the scenes action – from D’s calming bottom rubs and kisses to help Pandora get through the pain, to a cheerful mid-caning cup of tea.

    Each of the 50 strokes shown in this film was sponsored with a £10 donation to Backlash in protest against the censorship of UK porn. But knowing they’re for a good cause doesn’t necessarily make them easier to take. The journey from stroke one to stroke fifty takes Pandora through squeals of pain, wriggling, and to a place of spaced-out happiness.

    Click here to find out more about the campaign to challenge the recent porn laws which make this film, among others, illegal to sell in the UK. In protest we are making the SD video available to download and stream absolutely free of charge – and if you are a site member, you can login to view the crystal clear HD film. We don’t have the bandwidth to make the HD version freely available, but we encourage our members to download it, re-upload it and share it far and wide.

    backlash uk


    Click to download this scene at Dreams of Spanking on Clips4Sale


    Click to make a donation to fight unfair porn laws at Backlash.


    Click to make your voice heard to UK lawmakers…file an ATVOD complaint.


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    Pandora Blake – Backlash UK

  • Bondage Spanking – Ten Amorette in Schoolgirl Takedown



    What’s better than watching Ten Amorette get spanked?  Ten in Bondage, getting spanked by Pandora Blake.  That’s what.

    We swear…last night we had Dreams of Spanking.


    “Schoolgirl Takedown”

    “Ten Amorette is bound, gagged and spanked by school bully Pandora Blake. School uniform stripped off and knickers stuffed in her mouth, Ten struggles and writhes as Pandora wields the strap.”

    bdsm spanking
    Isn’t this the part in the movie when the girls kiss?


    See more at Dreams of Spanking at Clips4Sale


    ten amorette
    Ten Amorette. In a school girl skirt. Hello..still there??


    bondage spanking
    Ten’s a winner. Even when she loses.


    This scene begins with Ten Amorette sitting calmly on the couch, and swiftly descends into a wriggling, wrestling tangle of schoolgirl limbs as bully Pandora Blake punishes the younger student for not handing her lunch money over. The girls, dressed in matching school uniforms complete with pigtails, black patent heels and white knee socks, fight tooth and nail. With ruthless efficiency, Pandora drags Ten to the ground and sits on her while she delivers some sharp smacks to her bottom – and a harsh slap to her face.

    Dreams of Spanking
    Pandora’s got Ten’s…well, everything…in this powerful video.


    The even better backside, of Ten Amorette.


    Stripping Ten of her tight school skirt, using her tie to restrain her, and shoving her gym knickers in her mouth, Pandora’s soon got the younger girl right where she wants her: bound and gagged hand and foot, and thoroughly at her mercy.

    Ten struggles against her bonds, and squeals at each sharp smack on the bare bottom, while Pandora gloats at the power she holds, and revels in Ten’s humiliation. Stinging slaps soon turn Ten’s bottom bright red, but the torment isn’t over yet: Pandora has stolen a harsh leather strap from one of the teacher’s offices and she intends to use it to its full extent. She doesn’t make Ten count the strokes – there are far too many of them. Ten just has to endure the hair-pulling, humiliation, and painful lashes with the strap – knowing full well that there’s no way she can escape.

    schoolgirls spanked
    Pandora Blake, enjoying the view as much as we are.


    Click below for a preview:



    Catch Pandora, Ten, and so much more…click Dreams of Spanking at Clips4Sale


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    Bondage Spanking – Dreams of Spanking


  • Americans Should Care About UK Porn Laws #ATVOD #AVMS

    We don’t get opinionated much on The Spanking Galleries, because we are here for fun and spanking.  We do feel affected, however, by the plight of our British friends in the spanking scene.  Furthermore, we are taking it personally, because it really does feel personal..


    uk porn laws
    Courtesy of The Independent – independent.co.uk


    If you are here, you already know about the new UK laws banning certain types of pornography.  You also know that it affects spanking, along with a litany of other perfectly acceptable things which you can do in your bedroom, but no longer on camera in the Great British Isles.  If you think it is all just quite strange, you are not alone, however you may not know how this issue affects you as an American.

    At The Spanking Galleries, our audience is primarily American, and like most of you, we have been mostly watching. Americans do that a lot, and we talk amongst ourselves, sometimes in a seemingly endless fashion.  We typically shake our heads for far too long, saddling ourselves with frustration, before we finally act.

    When the time comes, though, we rise to the challenge.  Even during our worst days, we always overcome.  There are not too many nations who can say that.


    The United Kingdom is another state who can say that.  We’re smart people, Americans, and because we’re such smart people, we tend to pay attention to the British, because we know they’re smart people too.  We have been paying close attention for our entire existence as a country, and our interdependence has helped to make both countries as good as they are.

    So if the British are unhappy, we think Americans should care.  Not just because some issue at hand is affecting the British, but because history has shown repeatedly that what comes for them, comes for us.

    You should care, because it is likely that America is next.  Spanking is under threat.


    Instead of defaulting to references of free speech erosion in the United States, please consider this law in a bit of a different light.  From what we’ve read, it’s not just a law.  This a movement, and one that is operating behind your back.

    First, we’d like you to read the word “Quango”.  Ever heard of it?  That’s because you’re not British.  Also, it probably shouldn’t even be a word.

    This is the official term for a UK “not-public-but-not-private agency”, one of which, the ATVODis responsible for this anti-spanking law.

    Quango.  It sounds funny, until you understand that there are over 500 “quangos” in the UK, all with a kind of opaque authority over people’s lives.

    Not so funny anymore.  More sinister.  It gets scarier when you add the bankers.


    You see, in October of 2013, this opaque organization had a “sit-down ” with the UK banks and credit card processors, and they made a tactical plan to shut off your means to access spanking porn in the UK.  It would be over a year, and only once the law was passed, that this would even come to the attention of these writers.  Without going down the conspiracy road, let it suffice to say that as Americans or British, we know what hoodwinked looks like.

    Obviously the banks would like you to think that they are just obeying the law, and unfortunately we are not able to provide some inside banking knowledge to the contrary.  This is because we’re not bankers.  The silence of the entire western banking establishment in the face of this law, does however speak volumes.

    In America, we get a live feed of car chases, along with paid advertisements to sway our opinions, all from both the public and private sector.  If we’re not interested yet, the media will make us interested, you can be sure.  The means are in place to alert us to anything on the radar, constantly, yet nobody told us about a law banning free speech in Great Britain.

    Because that’s what this is.  Free speech.  Also, banking.  Also, lawmaking.

    If we know anything, it is that the people who run the banks, also write the laws.  Excuse us.  They have them written, to suit their specific tastes.


    So this is really about taste.  We know that the issue is not pornography, because many types of pornography are still legal in the UK.

    It seems to these writers that these powerful, opaque people, who run these powerful, opaque organizations, do not fancy spankos.

    So this is really about the tastes of others, being imposed on you. 

    If you think “it can’t happen here”, it already has.  One of the studios listed in our left sidebar has been shut off by similar payment processors.  This is an American company, producing an American product, who has maintained domestic and international distribution through these partners for over twenty years.  

    That’s not right.


    For these writers, this has become an American issue.  We fight for the free speech of others, and we fight like hell for our own.  This should include our lifestyle.

    In this case, all we’re fighting for is freakin’ SPANKING.  Our feeling pretty indignant about this, will only serve to make us more motivated troops.  We hope you feel indignant too, on behalf of people you admire across the pond, as well as in defense of your own rights.


    If there are any bankers reading, and even if you are leaning on the side of “banker” over “spanker”, we’d still like to offer you the following proposition:

    If you’ll talk to the ATVOD, and get them to give “spanking” a pass on this whole R-18 thing, then we’ll all continue making great spanking videos for you to enjoy.  After all, you guys got together to give a pass to 50 Shades of Grey, even though it’s the same content.  It’s just Spanking, right…what’s the harm?

    Just think about it.  You’d be a hero!  Instead of a “Banking Spanker”…You could be known as Mr. or Ms. “Spanko Banko”.

    Doesn’t that sound better?



    Since we’ve already written our lawmakers on this subject, we’re going to go ahead and post a whole bunch of content that is no longer legal to film in the UK.

    While we still can.


    Once you’ve written your own lawmakers, write the Brits.

    You can start at the bottom…click for Pandora’s instructions on filing a ATVOD complaint.

    Or you can go to the top.  The UK Payments Council are the guys who called the “sit-down”.  You’ll see the very definition of “shady”, in the first line in that wiki.

    You can reach, ahem, these guys, on Twitter @Paymentscouncil, or via (anonymous we suggest!) email at forums@paymentscouncil.org.uk.  Tell them that you have something for them to discuss in one of their upcoming “forums”.  While you’re at it, ask them why they seem like a mafia, because PaymentsCouncil.org.uk looks as opaque an exercise in misinformation, as one of those whatchamacallits.

    Oh yeah…Quangos.


    Listen to how this law has affected a pillar of our industry, Miss Pandora Blake:


    Lend Pandora your support on Twitter @PandoraBlake or at PandoraBlake.com

    Then, DO something, NOW…instead of having to do a lot more later:

    Courtesy of Charlotte Rose – SexualTraining.co.uk.

    Give some love to Charlotte Rose on Twitter.


    Visit Backlash.uk for a whole bunch of ways, that you can help.


    To read more about our discovery of this insane situation on The Spanking Galleries, click HERE.


  • Sunday Is A Good Day, To Dream of Spanking




    When we are all waiting for the cold of winter to thaw, it is good to know that we have Pandora Blake, always working hard to keep us warm!  This scene makes us want to exercise…we could just really use a good motivational trainer.  Oh, and we’ll just bet “that’s what she said”.


    Punishment Exercise

    “Ordered to do special punishment exercises, Pandora Blake suffers naked humiliation. Stripped bare, she struggles through jumping jacks, squats, press-ups – then an OTK spanking and the slipper. 

    From bending over naked to touch her toes through to exhausting press-ups, Pandora Blake is gradually worn out over the course of this punishment exercise.

    Naked humiliation is the order of the day, as Thomas Cameron lists each physical exercise and watches as Pandora performs each one. Flushed and panting, she’s permitted a short break from PE to receive an OTK spanking, an a stinging session with the slipper. Then it’s back to jumping jacks to complete her physical trial.”


    See more at Dreams of Spanking

    pandora blake fetish
    We think we could do this. Pandora Blake…flexible!


    men spanking women
    Thomas Cameron, getting some exercise himself.


    slipper spanking
    At least they’re not gym shoes…


    dreams of spanking
    Pandora Blake’s well-spanked butt…that’s what we call a workout!


    Click below for a preview of this scene:



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  • Two Ff Spanking Videos for the Spanking Records Book!



    As she continues to expand the boundaries of spanking, Pandora Blake just keeps better.  We think that’s got more to do with Pandora Blake, the person, and we’re just happy she happens to be a spanko.  Here are a couple of recent releases from Dreams of Spanking…just in case you didn’t already agree.


    Sing, Muse

    Two topless women are engaged in a sensual game: one plays the canvas and the other the artist. Adele Haze lies on cushions, exposing her breasts and bare back – and it’s the latter that her lover will write on. Pandora Blake uses black ink and a brush to adorn Adele with intricate Greek lettering.

    As Pandora’s calligraphy winds around Adele’s gorgeous curves, Adele must stay completely still, hardly breathing to avoid nudging Pandora as she writes her lines. In a Victorian school, ink smudges would mean a punishment for the writer. Here, the responsibility to avoid error falls on the writing surface. Pandora weaves her spell in words, and the magic of the moment mustn’t be broken. For each smudge, Adele will get a stroke of the cane.


    See more at Dreams of Spanking

    pandora blake
    As soon as you start to scroll, you’ll see why this is just as much “spanking art” to us..just beautiful!


    dreams of spanking
    Pandora Blake, showing her diverse talents. Could you do this?


    “When the text is complete – the first few lines of Homer’s ‘Iliad’ – Pandora carefully examines her work, stripping Adele naked so she can admire the slick black script that covers her body. Afterwards Adele bends naked over the punishment bench in the Scriptorium, exposing every inch of her bare skin. Pandora’s found some smudges, and every error earns Adele a hard cane stroke.

    Each cold cane stroke makes Adele yelp, biting her thumb to hold back her cries. But after three strokes the punishment is over, and Pandora can step back to admire her work – the neat black lines of text curving round Adele’s beautiful body, and the vivid red welts made by the cane.”


    adele haze
    Adele Haze, sweet as can be, and nicely presented to Pandora.


    caning images
    This is our favorite Ff caning picture in months!


    adele haze spanking
    Adele Haze…a natural!


    ff spanking
    Pandora Blake, enlightened…for Dreams of Spanking.


    Catch Pandora, Adele, and all their lovely company now at Dreams of Spanking





    Provocative Housework

    ‘Do you normally do housework in your lingerie?’ Lola-Marie’s cheeky grin says it all, as she wiggles her bottom in sexy lingerie to try and tempt Pandora Blake away from her work.

    Lola scrubbing the oven with her gorgeous bum on display proves too much for Pandora to resist, and she delivers exactly the playful, sexy domestic spanking that Lola’s been hinting at. This lesbian spanking video combines light-hearted chatter with some hard hand smacks on Lola’s bottom.


    See more at Dreams of Spanking

    lola marie spanking
    The oh-so-delightful Lola Marie!


    pandorablake spanking
    Classic Pandora Blake, and we would be wide-eyed, too!


    black girls spanked
    We would have our hands all over her, and never let go.


    dreams of spanking
    Pandora gives Lola a hard hand spanking, in this fantastic scene.


    lola marie porn
    Lola Marie just keeps getting cuter…right?!


    Click below for a preview of this scene:



    Catch Pandora, Lola, and all their lovely company now at Dreams of Spanking


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  • #StandUpForYourRights with #PornProtest

    This morning, hundreds of people gathered in the front of Westminster, to stand up for YOUR right to watch porn.



    Now, this video is a song about face-sitting, and was recorded in Hollywood in 1982.  We even got the subtitled version, in case you don’t hear well.  The sex act they sing about so merrily, and to the delight of their fans, is now illegal in the UK.


    (Thank you, Monty Python)


    We could post more videos on this new UK law, or the merits of the law, or who gets hurt by the law, etc., etc..

    We don’t think we need to do that.  We just need to point to this video.

    It’s just porn.  It’s only a reflection of yourself.  Everyone laughed, because everyone does it.

    Now that it is against the law, it’s not funny anymore.

    If it is legal to do it, then it should be legal to watch it.


    porn protest - facesitting
    Photo by Si Lee – 12/12/2014


    Here is a live feed of the event, from RT.com.  It’s 2 1/2 hours long, but you can jump around easily.  It’s not workspace-appropriate, by any means, so at least keep the volume down if you’re in the office.

    At time mark 5:34, you’ll start to hear the bells, ringing solemnly in the background while two women arrange their signs at the gates.  At 16:15, the facesitting starts, while the lovely lady enjoys her tea.  At 39:15, you’ll hear Myles Jackman @ObscenityLawyer talk about why they were all there, and why you should stand with them in spirit.


    Wherever you are, even after the protest has ended, you can still stand with them:

    Follow on Twitter:  #PornProtest #Facesitting #ISitWithCharlotte  #UKPornLaw #ATVOD #AVMS

    Support on Facebook:  Protest Outside Parliament

    Donate to support legal challenges to this law, and you’ll be in great company:  CAAN.ORG.UK

    Finally, our friends were there, so tweet some love to our own Pandora Blake @PandoraBlake and organizer Charlotte Rose @_Charlie_rose.


    pandora blake
    Pandora Blake…our hero! Photo by See Li – 12/12/2014


    Read this morning’s article in The Telegraph UK

    If you want to shake your head even more, read the Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014 at The Independent.

    If you are a UK resident, your banking system has already begun blocking your purchases of porn…join the movement NOW by signing this Petition.

    If you are outside the UK, they are coming for you next.  If you want to do something NOW, before it happens to you, Pandora Blake has easy steps to filing a foreign complaint.  Click ATVOD complaint.