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  • Molly Malone…Vogue model? “Curious Pleasures” for Dreams of Spanking

    It’s been a few months since we’ve seen Ms. Malone, and we’re sure glad she’s back for this very sexy spanking scene.  

    You know what they say about grace, and it’s clear to see that Molly has it.  When posing for the camera looks easy, that’s because it IS easy when it comes naturally.

    Molly Malone is one of the spanking world’s superstars, in our opinion.  Don’t want to take our word for it?  Look below…



    “Curious Pleasures”


    “John Beecroft has a delicate matter to discuss with Molly Malone. Having found a bag of spanking implements, and a book discussing erotic spanking, he insists that Molly explain herself.

    Feigning shock that she’d want to be beaten for carnal pleasure, he bends her over the sofa for ‘punishment’. As she reads aloud from the book – Curious Pleasures – he whacks her firmly with a flogger, then takes her breath away with a hard strapping.”

    See more at DreamsofSpanking.com


    molly malone spanking
    In our humble opinion, this photo is the very definition of intensity.


    mf spanking
    A fantastic opening for a spanking video…don’t you think?


    molly malone
    We’re so happy that Molly’s a spanking model, because she could be in Vogue.


    girls spanked
    Is it just us? Either way, this is one lucky man.


    dreams of spanking
    One more…in case you’re not yet convinced.


    Click below for a preview of this scene:


    Catch Pandora, Molly, and all their lovely company now at DreamsofSpanking.com


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    “Pandora Blake Lesbian Spanking – Late for a Date – Pandora is hugely apologetic at having kept Molly waiting. She misjudged her timings – the trains were late – she lost her phone. But excuses won’t fix anything, and although it’s only their second date it seems that Pandora might have ruined the evening before it’s begun. Wanting to make amends, Pandora suggests that Molly punish her for her bad behaviour. It would alleviate Pandora’s guilt – and administering a firm bare bottom spanking might make Molly feel better, too. Molly accepts, and tells Pandora that since she doesn’t have any implements with her, she’s going to have to use her hand – and it’s going to be hard. Pandora is already contrite as she lies over Molly’s knee, but as the punishment progresses she starts to realise just how hurtful her actions have been. Molly vents her frustration with a hard over the knee hand spanking, before telling Pandora to kneel up and grasp the headboard so Molly can swing her arm more forcefully. She administers 60 hard hand spanks – one for every minute Pandora was late.”  See more at DreamsofSpanking.com


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    Stream or download this scene now at DreamsofSpanking.com

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    “Molly Malone Spanking – Dreams of Spanking – Evacuees Molly and Alexander are sent to the house of strict Dr Barton. He tolerates no misbehavior, scolding them and punishing them with over the knee, bare bottom spankings.

    Evacuees Molly Malone and Alexander Knight are delivered safely from the city to the countryside… straight into the hands of their host Dr Richard Barton, a strict ex-housemaster.

    After only a week they’re called to meet him in the drawing room, in serious trouble. Dr Barton administers a bare bottom spanking to schoolgirl Molly, while Alexander watches. Then it’s Alexander’s turn to get an over the knee spanking and a very red bottom.

    Richard Barton delivers firm strokes to each of them, before concentrating on the one who he identifies as the ringleader.

    Molly Malone takes twelve stinging strokes, until her bottom is bright red and she’s truly sorry. She then must stand next to Alexander against the wall, displaying the evidence of their host’s strict methods of old fashioned punishment.”  See more at DreamsofSpanking.com



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