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  • Spanking Sarah (F/f): Dirty Disco Dancer

    “Spanking Sarah – Kiki is working in a photo studio doing some quite nice pictures but offers her more money if she will do some naughtier things. She is not too sure but the lure of the money is too strong and she finds herself naked. Her  guardian turns up unexpectedly to prevent things going much further but she is determined to deal with Kiki and to do so very firmly and painfully. Kiki is put over the knee, and is then subjected to a real hard nasty spanking that leaves her in no doubt that she has done wrong and no doubt that she has been well punished.”


  • English Spankers: Self Spanking – Kiki Devine

    “English Spankers – Self Spanking – This is just about the most amazing and sexy self spanking video you will ever see. We have the beautiful Kiki Devine beating herself till she is red and in tears, you can’t see the tears as she is in the shower whilst doing this and at the same time stripping and showing her amazing body totally. This top glamour model has never been beaten this hard and yes, she does it too herself.”  See more at English-Spankers.com