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  • FetishMovies VOD (F/m): The Interview

    “A self-styled, self-titled dominant male video producer is in for a shocker when these girls show up at his studio. Thinking they are to be spanked, he has the nerve to tell Christine he will start with spanking her and wants to see her bottom. Well the closest he gets to her bottom is as he is lying over her knees. The 3 no-nonsense women administer some of the hardest spankings we have seen in years. No, he wasn’t ready.”


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  • FetishMovies VOD (F/m): Julie’s Houseboy

    “Don’t think about misbehaving around my friend Miss Julie. But this houseboy’s been a bad boy and Mistress Julie must take charge of the situation. Since moving to NY I was hoping we could shoot something together and when we finally got the chance we ended up very happy with the results. She was having trouble with her houseboy, so she decided to bring him to my place and we have the both of us punish him for his bad behavior. He is punished first with over-the-knee spanking and paddling. I mention his big blowjob lips and Julie took it upon herself to face-fuck him. She fucked his mouth like a pussy. He was compelled to deep-throat her whole strap-on, which was not small. Then she rammed him up the ass really hard while I sat on his face and smothered him. When she was finished he was so excited I put my strap-on, which was not as long but thicker. The guy got punished and fucked good. I don’t think Mistress Julie will be having trouble with him any time soon.”


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  • HotMovies VOD (F/F): Baltimore Brat

    “Annie’s boyfriend wrote to Ms. Payne because his girlfriend’s behavior was going to drive him crazy. Of course, Ms. Payne knew what to do – give Annie an over the knee spanking followed by a firm hair brushing, bulb enema and ass crack caning. In fact, Ms. Payne taped open Annie’s punished bottom to deliver the most effective crack caning possible. Annie begs, pleads and cries but Ms. Payne doesn’t cease until this little bottom has been turned bright red and learned its lesson. Real tears, enema, anal play, and a very hard spanking are included in this video.”


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  • HotMovies Spanking VOD (F/f): Cell Block Z

    “This young lady was brought in on possession and disrupting the peace. She has no regard for the law or the female police officers in charge of watching her. The woman’s smart mouth gets her thrown in the slammer and when she is caught writing on the walls and mouthing off at the guards. The 3 officers decide to teach her a lesson she will never forget. She is given thorough spankings from all 3 officers. Then she is strung up stripped and beaten with prison straps until her ass is red and freshly spanked. Still resisting and being smart she continues to make the guards the angry, so she is tied to a metal bed frame and whipped with belts. To finish off her punishment she turned over each guard’s knee and paddled until she is crying and begging for forgiveness!”


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  • Hot Movies (F/m): Aunt Kelly 5

    “A spoiled nephew comes to visit his Aunt for a short visit. When he Aunt returns home she finds that her nephew is intoxicated. He broke the lock to her liquor cabinet with no regard for what his Aunt has told him about no drinking in her house.

    She is furious with his bad behavior and she relates that message to him with some old fashioned discipline. He is put through numerous over-the-knee spankings with her hand. He is strapped and paddled until he squirms all over her lap. But she doesn’t give in no matter how hard he begs. He is taught a hard lesson one he will never forget.”