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  • Strict Women (F/m): Worship Miss Jodie Karnell

    “Strict Women – This week at Strict Women Miss Jodie Karnell, aka Miss Jodie has returned to conclude a movie which we think may have just been her best ever :) A movie s always that depicts this Goddess in her truest most haughty and dominant self we mix it with the worship of her beautiful bottom for our members infatuated with the female bottom :) A recent survey did suggest that the woman’s bottom was the most looked at sight in our movies so this was a movie we shot as a special treat for you all .

    After tremendous feedback from the first ‘Her Beautiful Bottom’ movie, we decided to bring Miss Jodie back for a sequel and here it is! Her Beautiful Bottom Pt 2! Same beautiful bottom, same hugely entertaining Goddess! We feel sure that you will love this movie just as much as you all loved its forerunner

    So beautiful is Miss Karnell’s bottom that her lackey David is infatuated and totally enslaved to her bottom! Miss Karnell knows this and uses it fully to her advantage as she trains her new toy to follow her bottom around the room spanking him if he fails in any way to remember that her beautiful bottom out ranks him in the food chain of authority in their home!  See more at StrictWomen.co.uk

    SW193JodieBottom2-Clip13 SW193JodieBottom2-Clip14 SW193JodieBottom2-Clip15