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  • Ff Spanking – Teen Brandi’s Latest Punishments

    With the number of scenes that she puts up, we don’t know when Teen Brandi has time to sit down.  When she does get to sit down, we imagine it’s on an ice pack, or two.  It’s been too long since we’ve checked in…and we’re sure glad we did.


    “Brandi: Caned for Inappropriate Clothing”

     See more at SpankingTeenBrandi.com

    teen brandi spanking
    Just for the record, under the circumstances we find Brandi’s attire entirely appropriate.


    “Spanked with a Yard Stick in Class”

     See more at SpankingTeenBrandi.com

    real spankings network
    We love the ash on Brandi’s lovely butt.


    “Masturbation & Self Spanking”

     See more at SpankingTeenBrandi.com

    self spanking
    We just can’t help ourselves…and we would love to help ourselves to Brandi.


    For a great preview of “Brandi Is Late for Gym”, click below:



    See Brandi and all her cute friends, punished hard at SpankingTeenBrandi.com


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  • Teen Spanking – Jessica Gets It Good (That’s what she said!)

    Checking in with the perky Teen Jessica, we love every angle.  From the back or the front, her look and, well, assets, are what we tune in to see.  Here’s some of our latest favorites.


    “‘OTK Lexan’ with the lovely Betty Blaze. ”

    See more at SpankingTeenJessica.com

    ff spanking
    We like the way Betty Blaze handles her wards.


    “Jessica’s Nude OTK Session”

    See more at SpankingTeenJessica.com

    spanking teen jessica
    We’re not sure who this spanker is, but she could do anything to us she wanted.


    “School Caning”

    See more at SpankingTeenJessica.com

    Betty Blaze, intent on Teen Jessica’s behind.



    In case you missed it, here’s Teen Jessica’s preview…click below:



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  • More Harsh Spanking Punishment for Bailey (M/f) (F/f)


    We don’t know whether it’s those schoolgirl skirts, or the fact that Bailey never stops looking like, well, a schoolgirl. Elizabeth Burns and company always have such fun with her, tossing her around while they all take turns spanking her silly. As for us…we just keep watching.


    Bailey’s Naked Spanking at SpankingBailey.com

    girls spanked
    Knowing her knees must ache on that hard wood, makes it all the more pleasing for us to watch.


    Monica Watches Bailey’s Spanking at SpankingBailey.com

    schoolgirls spanked
    We love it when another girl is forced to watch…we’re definitely voyeurs ourselves!


    Bailey’s Uncomfortable Caning at SpankingBailey.com

    There is so much to love about this picture.


    We love Bailey, any way we can get her…see why at SpankingBailey.com


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  • Extreme F/f Caning of Kitty on Mood Castings

    We don’t know if she’s a good kitty, or a bad kitty, but we hope she sticks around either way.  The girls of Mood Castings are real, amateur, and sign up for brutal caning punishments.




    See more of Kitty’s caning at Mood-Castings.com

    girls spanked
    Kitty, for Mood Castings.


    amateur spanking
    Good Kitty…


    Baaaad Kitty!


    spanking porn
    This Kitty could slink up to us, anytime.



    Below is a great preview from Mood Castings


    Click below, if you are not presently chewing on something

    (we here at The Spanking Galleries wouldn’t want to be a choking hazard):



    Download this and over 100 great F/f scenes, click Mood-Castings.com


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  • Japanese Girls Spanked (F/f)

    OK, we have to admit, we have no idea what these girls are saying.  With the side slits going all the way up those kimono-style dresses, though, does it really matter?  The spanker here is so beautiful, and as for the spankee, well, let’s just say we love the way this girl screams.


    “Level 4 Spanking – Part 1″ – “Pretty Yuu needs money and accepts that her ass being spanked is part of the job. However, a spanking on the bare bottom from strict boss Miharu is too much. Yuu just can’t take the pain.”.


    See more Japanese girls spanked at Hand-Spanking.com


    spanking downloads
    Spanking models cannot be easy in Japan…we’re thankful for Hand-Spanking.


    japanese porn
    Honestly, we can’t decide who we’d like to see spanked more.


    japanese spanking
    We doubt the owner of this restaurant knew what Hand-Spanking was doing in there.


    japanese bdsm
    Spanking, in whatever language you use, does not get much better than this.



    Watch a preview of this spanking, click below:

    See these and more beautiful Japanese girls getting spanked, at Hand-Spanking.com


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  • Sarah Gregory Spanking Christy Cutie…Makes Us Smile! (F/f)

    We have to admit…we almost fell out of our chairs when we saw these pictures.  You know, when you lean forward, forgetting whatever it was you were doing at the time?  It would have been a good moment to be here hanging out with us at The Spanking Galleries, but we think we would have rather been on set for this scene.  Reminder to self: put Sarah on the X-mas card list, and try to see if we can’t get into her good graces.


    “Spanked By Sister”, with Sarah Gregory and Christy Cutie

    “Sarah has been put in charge of her younger sister while mom is away. Sarah gets a call from Mom that a letter was sent home from Christy’s school. Christy needs some discipline for slacking off in school. Sarah gives her sister a bare bottom spanking with her hand and hairbrush for getting bad grades, slacking off, and being late for classes. This is not a behavior that is tolerated in their family.”

    See more at SarahGregorySpanking.com


    Sarah Gregory
    If these aren’t bedroom eyes, then we don’t know what is. Sarah Gregory spanking Christy Cutie.


    sister spanking
    Honestly, we can’t figure out where to look first.


    ff spanking
    OK, so can we talk about spanking? This is fantastic!


    lesbian spanking
    Some girls are squeezers. We like girls like that.


    christy cutie
    For those of you into hair-pulling…or pulling Christy’s hair…or both.


    See more of Sarah Gregory spanking the fabulous Christy Cutie at SarahGregorySpanking.com


    Although it’s not of this particular scene, here’s a great example of Sarah’s skill, and terrific delivery.

    She’s sexy, and a bit terrifying, and we like that…click below:



    There’s always fun to be had with Ms. Sarah and friends…click SarahGregorySpanking.com


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