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  • A Dana Kane Punishment for a Whitney Morgan Orgasm


    Something that each of these ladies are known for doing, very well, respectively -

    Dana Kane punishes Whitney Morgan for having an orgasm during her earlier hand spanking in the wheelbarrow position.


    Whitney acts like she’s sorry, but we can tell by the smirk on her face that she enjoyed it…now let’s see how much she enjoys being gagged while feeling Dana’s leather strap. Fifty times!

    (See Whitney’s naughty wheelbarrow orgasm scene at DanaKaneSpanks.com)


    “Whitney’s Orgasm Earns Her a Gagged Strapping”

    Whitneys Orgasm
    Wow – what a view!

    Whitney Morgan
    She’s a screamer.

    f/f strapping
    When the leather meets the flesh.

    f/f spanking
    Poor, poor Whitney…

    dana kane spanking
    She looks sorry, right? (Maybe not.)


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  • Can Ff Spanking Get Any Hotter?



    Really, we think NOT! Bonnie May and Ella Hughes, for Spanking Sarah.


    “Selling It All”

    “Oh my! The beautiful Bonnie May back on my site, after the whacking I gave her last time I never thought she would want to make another spanking film but! She actually loved it and in this film she is a naughty young girl who tries to sell off her Family collection of antiques but gets caught out just in time. The punishment is to be quite severe starting with an over the knee spanking over her tight blue jeans but these have to come down. Her pert bottom is high in the air and soon turns a lovely shade of red under my hard hand”


    If this isn’t the perfect…pair of jeans. ;)


    See more of this Ff Spanking scene …click Spanking Sarah


    otk spanking
    Bonnie May has made quite an impression on us!

    spanking sarah
    This goes in our permanent collection. A+!

    bonnie may spanking
    Bonnie May has made quite an impression on us!


    We’ve got a preview of this scene…click below:



    “Stable Girl Punished”

    “Ella Hughes works weekends in the local riding stables unfortunately she smokes at work, strictly against health and safety rules. She is caught out by the stable mistress and has to face the usual punishment for stable girls. Over a bale of hay and cropped first on her jodhpurs and then on her bare bottom. A nasty punishment for a young lady to receive.”

    bdsm videos
    Sigh! We’re so glad Ella’s back!

    spanking sarah
    Honestly, we’re not sure whose tight pants we want to look at more. ;)


    See more …click Spanking Sarah


    spanking sarah
    Honestly, we’re not sure whose tight pants we want to look at more. ;)

    ella hughes spanking
    The pants were coming off eventually..

    We’re not sure what’s happening here…but we like it!

    ff spanking
    Ella Hughes, for Spanking Sarah.


    We’ve got a preview of this scene…click below:



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  • More HOT PainGate BDSM Videos




    “Lost License”

    “Anika is a pure and innocent Swedish novice – well, not really innocent.  Many times she was caught while speeding. Now the game is over, she lost her driver license.  STRIKER cannot tolerate it anymore and gives her a harsh whipping on her beautiful young and naked bottom.

    You will notice that sweet Anika is not used to get a corporal punishment yet.  It’s always a great pleasure to punish such a young, beautiful and unexperienced girl.”

    girls spanked
    The kind of girl who keeps coming back for more.

    women spanked
    Anika, over the bench.


    Watch this scene at PainGate


    girls  whipped
    Some of the best BDSM whipping around.

    We just love PainGate still shots!


    spanking fetish
    We hope we’ll see more from Anika soon!


    “Lazy Maid”

    “During all the centuries it was the same mess with the serfs on a big castles’ property.  They never did what they were supposed to do like Maid Gwenyfer.  Instead of picking apples she was taking a lazy sunbath when Lady Madelaine found her.

    A corporal punishment was the widely accepted consequence.  But commonly men had to do that job – not a lady.  Earl Duncan, the castle owner, and his friend Lord McGwyer were shocked to see the Lord’s wife whipping his maid.”

    outdoor bdsm
    PainGate’s Jane..keeping it real.

    lesbian bdsm
    We can’t tell you how much we love this..


    Watch this scene at PainGate


    bdsm whipping
    We’d love to know where they find these girls.

    women spanking women
    Coming around for more.

    spanking faces
    The lovely Jane…

    whipping videos
    ..and her lovely, lovely stripes.


    Here’s a great preview from this PainGate scene…enjoy!



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  • Spanking Movies – Cheyenne Jewel Spanking


    Cheyenne Jewel has taken a bunch of spankings from Ms. Dana Kane, and now we’ve got a whole spanking movie, folks!

    We just love a good storyline..


    “Spanking Naughty Sister-in-Law Cheyenne”

    “Six scene compilation (Five f/f spanking scenes and a bonus POV spanking) featuring the luscious Cheyenne Jewel and her *gem* of a backside – 53 minutes!”

    Cheyenne’s come to learn how to cook, in “Warming Her Biscuits”.


    See more at Dana Kane Spanks.


    cheyenne jewel fetish
    As you can see, this is also our website header, and for damn good reason.  Cheyenne, so amazing, in “Spanked, Not Stirred”


    domestic discipline
    Cheyenne learns how much Miss Dana dislikes cursing, in “The Perfect Housewife”.


    dana kane spanks
    Dana Kane hits home some points on cheating, in “Slutty Sister-in-Law”.


    POV spanking
    Yes we’re voyeurs! Our favorite “POV: Sneaky Peeker Forced to Watch”.


    See an extended preview of this great compilation video below:



    Download this entire spanking movie at Dana Kane Spanks on Clips4Sale


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    Cheyenne Jewel Spanking – Spanking Movies

  • Bondage Spanking – Ten Amorette in Schoolgirl Takedown



    What’s better than watching Ten Amorette get spanked?  Ten in Bondage, getting spanked by Pandora Blake.  That’s what.

    We swear…last night we had Dreams of Spanking.


    “Schoolgirl Takedown”

    “Ten Amorette is bound, gagged and spanked by school bully Pandora Blake. School uniform stripped off and knickers stuffed in her mouth, Ten struggles and writhes as Pandora wields the strap.”

    bdsm spanking
    Isn’t this the part in the movie when the girls kiss?


    See more at Dreams of Spanking


    ten amorette
    Ten Amorette. In a school girl skirt. Hello..still there??


    bondage spanking
    Ten’s a winner. Even when she loses.


    This scene begins with Ten Amorette sitting calmly on the couch, and swiftly descends into a wriggling, wrestling tangle of schoolgirl limbs as bully Pandora Blake punishes the younger student for not handing her lunch money over. The girls, dressed in matching school uniforms complete with pigtails, black patent heels and white knee socks, fight tooth and nail. With ruthless efficiency, Pandora drags Ten to the ground and sits on her while she delivers some sharp smacks to her bottom – and a harsh slap to her face.

    Dreams of Spanking
    Pandora’s got Ten’s…well, everything…in this powerful video.


    The even better backside, of Ten Amorette.


    Stripping Ten of her tight school skirt, using her tie to restrain her, and shoving her gym knickers in her mouth, Pandora’s soon got the younger girl right where she wants her: bound and gagged hand and foot, and thoroughly at her mercy.

    Ten struggles against her bonds, and squeals at each sharp smack on the bare bottom, while Pandora gloats at the power she holds, and revels in Ten’s humiliation. Stinging slaps soon turn Ten’s bottom bright red, but the torment isn’t over yet: Pandora has stolen a harsh leather strap from one of the teacher’s offices and she intends to use it to its full extent. She doesn’t make Ten count the strokes – there are far too many of them. Ten just has to endure the hair-pulling, humiliation, and painful lashes with the strap – knowing full well that there’s no way she can escape.

    schoolgirls spanked
    Pandora Blake, enjoying the view as much as we are.


    Click below for a preview:



    Catch Pandora, Ten, and so much more…click Dreams of Spanking


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    Bondage Spanking – Dreams of Spanking


  • Spring Break Spanking from Momma Spankings



    “Spring Break Spankings”

    Aunt Dana has taken her niece Sarah to Atlantic City for Spring break. In the first part of this long video, Sarah “borrows” a little too much money from Aunt Dana’s credit card to go shopping. This spoiled girl will soon learn that a cute dress and fancy shoes are not worth the bare bottom spanking and strapping she will receive in punishment. In the second part of this video, Uncle Richard meets up with Aunt Dana and Sarah for dinner. First of all Sarah is not ready when Uncle Richard arrives, and secondly, she is being very rude at dinner. When the three of them get back to the hotel room, Sarah is in for three spankings. One from her uncle, another from her aunt, and a long and hard one from both together.

    sarah gregory spanking
    It’s so clear why Miss Dana and Miss Sarah make such beautiful music together.


    ff spanking
    This makes us giggle. We’re not laughing at you, Sarah, but with you. Only you’re not laughing. ;)


    See more at Momma Spankings


    sarah gregory spanked
    A great picture needs form and composition, and this one has it all.


    girls spanked
    Start your weekend off right, with a close-up of Miss Sarah Gregory.


    Why did we just say the word “rapido”??


    women spanking women
    Miss Dana Specht, in all her classic style.


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    Spring Break Spanking