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  • FemDom Spanking – Dana Kane Spanks


    marital discipline

    “Help with his Erection”



    “Live Punishment for Public Nudity”


    punishment spanking

    “The next time you visit another country, remember that it’s important to observe the laws and traditions, or you’ll find yourself in the same boat as this man.

    He disrespected an entire population by stripping nude in front of a national landmark along with his friends, and has been caught and sentenced to receive a painful, embarrassing, live-streamed punishment.

    Stripped naked, he’s made to lie across the lap of his Discipline Corps Captain, first receiving a long and butt-reddening hand spanking OTK. Next, numerous strokes across his bent-over backside with an English leather tawse, followed by heavy blows on his butt and back from a thick leather flogger. Just when he thinks he’s paid his dues to society, he’s bent over again…this time for the cane.”



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    “Bared and Spanked in Open Court”



    It’s time for morning court proceedings – but the Defendant is late. While the Judge and I try to figure out why anyone would be tardy to Spanking Court, Sky Summers shows up – late, and dressed like a little tart.

    Wasting no more time, the Judge orders Sky forward, has her drop her short shorts and panties, and instructs me to spank her bare bottom with my hand, right there in Court, while he watches and continues to scold Sky.

    A short, sharp, standing hand spanking probably won’t change Sky’s behavior, but it will surely embarrass her enough to make sure she’s on-time and properly dressed next time she’s in Spanking Court.”  See more at Dana Kane Spanks on Clips4Sale




    “POV : Cheaters Never Win”



    “It’s Friday afternoon, just after school, and you’ve arrived at my home to discuss this week’s Creative Writing assignment. I asked you here after school to give you a chance to come clean about plagiarizing your assignment and offer you an option to the school’s new In-Class Corporal Punishment Policy.

    I tell you that, if the school has it’s way, I will have no choice but to bare your bottom in class first thing on Monday morning – spanking you on your bare bottom in front of the entire class (which, in this case, consists of twenty-two GIRLS).

    You’re mortified at the prospect of having all those girls see your butt – and everything else! – and quickly agree to whatever option two may be.

    I thought you might say that, and tell you that option two is that you take your spanking, right now, here in my home, and across my knee. If you agree, I’ll simply not tell the administration about your cheating.

    You say you’re in agreeance, so I order you to strip; you protest and hesitate and I eventually have to take your belt, pants, and underpants off myself – before retrieving a wooden hairbrush for your spanking.

    Over my knee you go (true POV perspective, across my lap and looking at the floor/my feet during the spanking, genuine spanking sounds) for a blistering hairbrush spanking before you’re made to stand and collect yourself.

    I’ll see you at school on Monday morning…

    ….(Monday morning – 8:35 a.m.)…

    We’re back in class, and I’m bringing the girls to order (giggling/talking effects throughout this part of the film)…I’m sorry to have to report that everyone but one person did well on the assignment; everyone but…YOU.

    That’s right, mister. You’ve been had. I’m going to carry out the In-Class Corporal Punishment after all – that spanking on Friday afternoon was strictly for my pleasure.”


    pov spanking

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     otk spanking


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    FemDom Spanking – Dana Kane Spanks


  • Spanking Brat Girls at Punished Brats


    Grad Student

    punished brats

    Miss Audrey Sugarsmak



    “Bad Report”


    “When Kendall Krave arrived home from school she was confronted by her mother for the atrocious report that arrived that afternoon in her email. Kendall tried to downplay the issue and told her mother that she’d do better next time. Audrey informed her daughter that she would be punished later as she had business to attend to. Kendall just made light of the situation, this is until it was time for her to report for her strapping. Now she pleaded not to strap her, but she was bent over the library stairs and cried out as the strap found its target. She yelped louder when her panties came down.

    As that strap came down on her sore bottom, Kendall promised to do better in school. After her strapping was done, Kendall was required to remain in position to think about her poor grades.”

    women spanking women

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    ff spanking

    spanked butts

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    “Adriana’s Punishment- The Cane”


    “Adriana arrived for her second day of torment with much trepidation. She barely survived her twenty-five whacks with the paddle only twenty-four hours earlier. Her heart fluttered when she was informed for the infraction of possessing marijuana and being found in a compromising position with a young gentleman from the nearby school, the board is requiring that she receive twenty-five strokes of the school cane. She was positioned on the chair so that the target for the cane was best presented. Adriana was shocked by the burning pain that ran through her as the implement struck the bottom of her jeans. After receiving the first five stokes on the seat of her jeans, she was then required to remove all clothing from the waist down for the next twenty strokes . Adriana wondered how she could survive this ordeal. It was made clear to her that if she had difficulty in cooperating with the punishment she would be held in place by other instructors and her punishment would be observed by members of the student government. She was determined not to let that happen. It was humiliating enough to be punished by Dean Pierson in an exposed manner.

    As the cane landed upon her naked bottom time and time again, Adriana shouted loud enough to be heard across the campus. Little did she know that Dean Pierson was impressed with her capacity to withstand this severe punishment. When most girls receive such a sentence, at some point in the process they must be held in place, but such was not the case with Adriana. With tears in her eyes, she promised not to repeat her offense.”


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    bdsm caning



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    COMING SOON – “The Pet: A Cyberpunk Tale”


    “Penny was subjected to serve the first Lady of The Northern Confederation.”

    otk spanking

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    spanked asses


    bdsm paddling

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    Here’s a great recent preview from Punished Brats…click below:



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    Spanking Brat Girls at Punished Brats


  • Stevie Rose Spanking – I Heart Spankings



    “TEARS BY STEVIE: Daddy’s Discipline”

    “Stevie’s Daddy, Kyle Johnson, has been spanking and acting as a mentor to people who need help for over a decade, and been a lifelong alpha male who never felt the STING of discipline.  However, after spanking Stevie multiple times for lying in the past, he is caught in a serious lie and to prevent his family from breaking up, he agrees to let his baby girl Stevie Rose give him a taste of his own medicine to show how truly remorseful he is about the lie.

    kyle johnson spanked

    A tear-filled lecture precedes the session, where Stevie takes her Daddy OTK and spanks him very soundly, even knowing he has a low pain tolerance.  She is merciless and he is soon squirming though trying to maintain his composure.  Then she takes down his jeans and spanks his boxers and then bare bottom very soundly, before moving on to the wooden spoon he bought her as a present, which leaves him yelping in anger and pain.  He tells her to continue as he wants to own up to it as he said he would, and she does, turning HIS attractive firm bottom crimson red.

    Seeing he is sorry already, she says she is still going to whip him with the belt, and she does so with vigor, making him squirm, yelp, and tear up before she hugs him and forgives him, promising they can both move on from this point.  To add insult to injury, Stevie makes her Daddy stand in the corner to finish what is an intense and dramatic lesson for her very well punished Daddy!”  See a preview at I Heart Spankings




    “TEARS BY STEVIE: Kendra’s Remorse”

    “In this edition of the popular “Tears by Stevie” series, Stevie’s friend Kendra and her boyfriend have come over, and her boyfriend has seen some of Stevie’s videos and asks if she can discipline Kendra for him for taking forever to get ready every day, making him late and miss appointments.  Though Kendra has shot fun videos and had a light session, she has never been punished, and Stevie agrees to it, so long as he agrees to let her spank Kendra as mercilessly as she feels is necessary.  Near shaking, Kendra is taken over Stevie’s knee, and after a short time, her shorts and panties are pulled down, exposing her bright red and severely marked bare bottom as Kendra kicks and howls over Stevie’s knee…

    otk spanking

    One of the hardest F/f spankings Stevie has dished out, especially to a girl who is normally vanilla.  You can’t miss this one if seeing a beautiful girl having her panties pulled down and up close face shots of her as she breaks into tears, then sobs, than straight bawling sounds interesting to you.  A REAL PUNISHMENT FOR A REAL BRAT!!”  See a preview at I Heart Spankings



    “Earning The Trip: Stevie’s Spanking”

    “Previously in the day, Misty and Stevie were told by their Mom Lily to pull their pants down and bend over the couch for a bare bottom belt whipping and they decided they were too old, and when she tried to make them, they held her down and spanked HER a couple of times, telling her she would never spank them again.

    Later on, Lily walks out on the phone in the process of canceling the surprise trip to Hawaii she had planned for the family. The girls are suddenly very sorry and offer to accept an embarrassing pants down over the knee spanking and belt whipping if they can get the trip back, which Lily says she will think about but their spanking offer is accepted.

    i heart spankings

    As Misty is still whimpering and crying, Mom makes her kneel bare assed on the couch while she takes her other brat Stevie over her knee to handle their earlier disrespect.  Already immediately scared and contrite, Lily takes no mercy when spanking her very overdue teenage daughter, first over her pants and then pulling them down to spank her lily-white bare butt, to a crimson shade of red!”  See a preview at I Heart Spankings


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    Stevie Rose Spanking – I Heart Spankings


  • Disciplinarians Are Always Right – Dana Kane Spanks


    pov spanking gif

    Who needs the boogeyman, when we’ve got Dana Kane Spanks?



    spanking gifs

    “That’s his safe word, and if he uses it, that’s what he’ll have…all night long.”


    fm spanking

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    “Unbreakable Dani”

    dana kane spanks

    “Dani has an obviously high pain tolerance – and she loves hard spankings – so getting her to understand that just because she’s able to take something doesn’t mean that she should will be difficult. Everyone should have a limit which protects themselves from harm when their playmate may be less than concerned, but Dani is too concerned with pleasing others and tends to allow her play sessions to go a bit too far.

    In the name of Learning a Valuable Lesson, I am going to spank the living hell out of Dani Sorrento today.”


    dani sorrento

    “I’ve laid out a dozen various spanking paddles, straps, canes, and other things and catch Dani unawares, starting her spanking well before she’s had time to ready herself for it. Ordering her over my lap and pulling up her long clingy skirt, I begin spanking Dani immediately, pausing only occasionally to direct her to hand me more things to spank her with – and slowly leading up to the point of the whole scene – it’s going to get really hard, and I don’t believe for a minute that Dani cares enough about her own safety (or her poor suffering backside) to stop me.”


    adult spanking


    See a preview below:



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    “No Mercy for Male Prisoner”

    punishment spanking

    “Occasionally, a Spanking Court participant will fail to appear. When that happens, immediate punishment is necessary.

    In this particular case, not only did the participant fail to appear, but he also failed to appear for his second court appearance.

    On the day of, a male spankee was absolutely necessary to the show, so Michael agreed to stand in for this scene at the last minute.

    This was my chance : hes spanked me many times – and hard! – over the course of Spanking Court, and this was my opportunity to even the spanking score. You’ll see the look of glee in my face as the judge hands down the sentence and I bring him into the Sentencing Room.

    One hundred and twenty strokes with various implements of punishment ranging from wood paddles to leather straps to 20 with a long, thick cane at the end. By the time I’m done, he’ll wish that he’d failed to appear, too.”


    caning videos

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    “POV : Strict Babysitter”

    “Your new babysitter is STRICT! She lays down the law as soon as she sits down, telling you that if you do – just about anything – she is going to spank you.”

    pov spanking

    “If you jump on the bed…I will spank you.

    If you talk back…I will spank you.

    And, just in case you decide to say any naughty words, your new babysitter has a brand new bar of soap in her purse, right next to that scary wood paddle. You’re going to be good, young man, or else..”

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    “What Happens to Naughty Boys?”

    otk spanking

    “He’s been naughty today. Very, very naughty.

    I’m in a good mood, so instead of giving him a hard, cold punishment, I tease him by pulling him across my lap for a stinging hand spanking…

    ..complete with rubbing, teasing, and gripping his ‘offending member’ between my thighs while I warm his butt.

    He’s not to touch himself again today, or the punishment will fit the crime, so to speak.



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    Disciplinarians – Dana Kane Spanks


  • Prison #Punishment from BarsandStripes





    “Ella’s First Day In Her Cell”


    “Officer Zoe Page took inmate Ella to her cell and told her to make her bed.  Ella stubbornly refused, and she was spanked and spanked until she learned that Officer Zoe does NOT take any nonsense! “


    hand spanking

    See more…click Bars and Stripes.


    spanked asses

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    “Stinging Seduction”


    “The Governor of the prison decided to pay inmate Chessie a visit to see if she was behaving herself.  The little madam decided to try and flirt with him and she acted like a little slut to try and get out of the spanking she knew was coming.  No such luck of course.  Her bottom got exactly what it deserved!”

    otk spanking

    See more…click Bars and Stripes.


    over my knee

    girls spanked

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    “Zoe and Chessie’s Playtime”


    “Officer Zoe Page caught inmate Chessie playing with herself and being a naughty girl.  Zoe decided to play some naughty games with her which involved spanking her delightful little bum and paddling Chessie while she played with herself.  They both ended up having a lot of naughty fun. “



    spanking sex

    See more…click Bars and Stripes.


    spanking gifs

    women spanking women



    “The Morning After”


    “Inmate Lola was rudely awakened by prison Officers Page and Kennedy who still had some questions for her.  Officer Paul grabbed his strap and Zoe grabbed her trusty red paddle and they turned Lola’s delightful bare bottom a stinging darker color.”


    See more…click Bars and Stripes.


    bars and stripes
    bars LolaMorning After - 65
    interracial spanking


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    Punishment – BarsandStripes


  • Adult Spanking – Spanking Veronica Works




    “Spank Club”

    spanking veronica works

    “Conceived by Veronica Ricci (who doesn’t actually appear in the episode but is in part 1) this is a group of ladies who get together to spank each other – as a secret club – and the winner is the one who doesn’t tap out. Lots of hard punishment to curvy bottoms in the name of spanking power!”


    See more at Spanking Veronica Works


    otk spanking

    “Veronica comes up with the idea, but her friend Emily Parker thinks it’s a stupid one. So of course the two begin fighting, which leads to a spanking for each. And from there the idea is hatched and Veronica will begin recruiting girls for the big event.”



    “Putting Out the Fire”

    roleplay spanking

    “Karla Kush calls the fire dept. when she thinks some nuts in the oven will cause a fire. Veronica spanks her for the false alarm. But Karla will report Veronica if she isn’t allowed a revenge spanking, which includes a wooden spoon.”


    See more at Spanking Veronica Works


    “Waitress Spanking Incident”

    ff spanking

    “Veronica is a waitress who is pulled into the back room by Alexis Grace, an irate customer. The very tall and dominant Alexis puts Veronica over her knee for a sound spanking with hand and spatula because she doesn’t appreciate the service. But Veronica can teach a lesson, too!”


    See more at Spanking Veronica Works


    “Pirate Spankings”


    “Madison Martin and Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) hire a pirate to do some work on their computer. But Veronica Ricci shows up dressed as a real sea pirate, not realizing they were looking for computer work. Lots of very hard spanking and paddling takes place while this gets resolved.”


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    Adult Spanking – Spanking Veronica Works