• CFNM Spanking with Dana Kane (POV – F/m)


    “POV : The Girls are Coming for You”

    Well, well, well…aren’t you in quite the predicament?

    Bound over my spanking bench, about to be spanked for disobeying my house rules repeatedly. As a renter here, you have absolutely no choice but to submit to my spanking or end up on the streets.

    Once your hands are bound, I surprise you with the truth – I’ve contacted all your ex-girlfriends and found that you have a pattern of disrespecting women…and they’d all like the chance to punish you for it.

    While you’re bound to my spanking bench, wiggling to free yourself (hopelessly), I show you each and every implement which will be used on your rear end today – an itsy paddle, for the girl who said it was ‘the small things’ you did; a big Jokari paddle for the one who said all you do is ‘play games'; an evil leather strap for the poor girl who said she paid for everything because you were always ‘strapped for cash’. and, finally, for the one who’s just ‘tired of your crap’…a rubber tire-tread strap.

    Not only will you accept these punishments, but you will literally BEG each woman to spank you as hard as she pleases, or you’ll be left to deal with me. And 100 vicious strokes from my cane, delivered at full force. The choice is yours.

    Oh…there’s the doorbell! Wonder which of our guests has arrived first…



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     cfnm pov

     femdom pov

     femdom caning
    spanking pov
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    “CFNM Fantasy Punishment : Spanked, Paddled, Whipped, Strapped, Caned”

    Live Session Video.

    Mr. Candide has gotten himself into hot water in Caldonia again. This time, he finds himself invited to famous actress Dana Kane’s Caldonian summer home for a ‘visit’.
    Mr. Candide, an investigative journalist, started his career as a photographer for gossip magazines, and ten years ago took and sold topless photos of Ms. Kane on the beach in Caldonia. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s time for Mr. Candide to pay the price for humiliating a Caldonian woman.

    (Remember, in Caldonia women run the show. Men are well-treated as long as they obey the rules..)

    Ms. Kane informs Mr. Candide that he’s about to pay the price for those photos (her young daughters were there that day, and they too were mortified, along with the rest of the country) – Ms. Kane is going to make him strip bare and take a series of corporal punishments, in ever more embarrassing positions, while being recorded so that the film may be played in every theater in Caldonia. Every woman will receive free admission, including Ms. Kane’s now-grown daughters.

    CFNM discipline

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    CFNM spankingdana kane spanksbdsm caningspanking sessions
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    CFNM Spanking


  • Firm Hand Spanking – Brotherly Love





    “Brotherly Love”

    “Samantha Woodley and Katherine St James nude in the bath. What could be better? A long hard 380-smack spanking! Samantha’s bare bottom is soon wet and red for trying to run away with Kat to New York! So hot, we show both angles complete, totally bare!”



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    domestic discipline

    girls spanked

    mf spanking

    firm hand spanking


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    Firm Hand Spanking

  • Top Spanking – Mf Spanking from Sarah Gregory


    “Isobel’s Real Tears”

    “Daddy is very disappointed when he finds his sweet daughter checked into a hotel on his credit card attending a fetish convention. He is appalled at what he sees just walking up to the room. Isobel is shocked that her dad has discovered her secret of being a spanking model. Yes she can take a spanking, but to disappoint her loving daddy brings real tears to her eyes. The Humiliation, embarrassment, and shame she feels are unbearable, not to mention she has betrayed her dad’s trust.”

    Isobel Wren fetish
    The absolutely-lovely Isobel Wren.


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    “Late for Detention”

    “Mr. Osborne is not very happy when his student, Lily Swan, is late for detention. She was already going to get a spanking, but now she will get a caning as well. Lily is made to bend over her desk for a bare bottom spanking before a good old hard caning. Lily will soon remember to behave in school and show up to detention on time.”

    lily swan fetish
    Lily Swan, in “Late For Detention”


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    mf spanking adult spanking caning videos cornertime videos


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    Top Spanking


  • Real Spankings does M/f Spanking SO well!



    The guys at Real Spankings sure do enjoy their m/f spanking ‘work’, and it’s pretty easy to see why:


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    “Paddled for Bullying (Part 3 of 4)”

    “Monica is next to bend over The Principal’s desk for a paddling over her jeans. She is spanked hard and sent on her way to…”

    bad girls spanked
    These bad girls are going to learn a good lesson today!



    “Paddled for Bullying (Part 2 of 4)”
    “One by one the girls are called in, Syrena is next in line, to be paddled over the jeans. The other girls sit nervously…”


    girls spanked
    Bend over for your school discipline..


    “Paddled for Bullying (Part 1 of 4)”
    “The Principal drills the girls to find out information about some ongoing cyber bullying that has been taking place. All…”

    schoolgirl spanking
    Naughty girls go to the principal’s office.

    “Roxie’s Naked OTK”
    “Roxie is constantly late and Mr. M has had enough of it. He calls her out to find her wearing only a towel. He strips off…”

    otk spanking
    Naughty Roxie has to strip naked for her spanking.

    “Cheerleader : Corporal Punishment at School”
    “A school cheerleader learns the hard way that smoking in school is never tolerated. After a swat on her cheer skirt she…”

    real spankings
    These girls will never learn.


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  • More Bun Beating Fun – Nikki Brooks spanked



    “Nikki Brooks”

    “Extremely easy on the eyes she is and most especially at home she looks in the midst of luxuriant surroundings.
    Our man however was of the opinion that she’d look even better kicking, squawking and shaking her red bottom under his hard swung spanking hand. He was right too!
    Moreover, our Miss Nikki Brooks spanked here is the very same shady lady who sent Charlette Webb our way. Naughty, naughty.”


    nikki brooks spanked
    Ouch! That’s what she gets for being so naughty.



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  • A Dana Kane Punishment for a Whitney Morgan Orgasm


    Something that each of these ladies are known for doing, very well, respectively -

    Dana Kane punishes Whitney Morgan for having an orgasm during her earlier hand spanking in the wheelbarrow position.


    Whitney acts like she’s sorry, but we can tell by the smirk on her face that she enjoyed it…now let’s see how much she enjoys being gagged while feeling Dana’s leather strap. Fifty times!

    (See Whitney’s naughty wheelbarrow orgasm scene at DanaKaneSpanks.com)


    “Whitney’s Orgasm Earns Her a Gagged Strapping”

    Whitneys Orgasm
    Wow – what a view!

    Whitney Morgan
    She’s a screamer.

    f/f strapping
    When the leather meets the flesh.

    f/f spanking
    Poor, poor Whitney…

    dana kane spanking
    She looks sorry, right? (Maybe not.)


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