• Bondage Spanking – Ten Amorette in Schoolgirl Takedown



    What’s better than watching Ten Amorette get spanked?  Ten in Bondage, getting spanked by Pandora Blake.  That’s what.

    We swear…last night we had Dreams of Spanking.


    “Schoolgirl Takedown”

    “Ten Amorette is bound, gagged and spanked by school bully Pandora Blake. School uniform stripped off and knickers stuffed in her mouth, Ten struggles and writhes as Pandora wields the strap.”


    See more at Dreams of Spanking

    This scene begins with Ten Amorette sitting calmly on the couch, and swiftly descends into a wriggling, wrestling tangle of schoolgirl limbs as bully Pandora Blake punishes the younger student for not handing her lunch money over. The girls, dressed in matching school uniforms complete with pigtails, black patent heels and white knee socks, fight tooth and nail. With ruthless efficiency, Pandora drags Ten to the ground and sits on her while she delivers some sharp smacks to her bottom – and a harsh slap to her face.

    Stripping Ten of her tight school skirt, using her tie to restrain her, and shoving her gym knickers in her mouth, Pandora’s soon got the younger girl right where she wants her: bound and gagged hand and foot, and thoroughly at her mercy.

    Ten struggles against her bonds, and squeals at each sharp smack on the bare bottom, while Pandora gloats at the power she holds, and revels in Ten’s humiliation. Stinging slaps soon turn Ten’s bottom bright red, but the torment isn’t over yet: Pandora has stolen a harsh leather strap from one of the teacher’s offices and she intends to use it to its full extent. She doesn’t make Ten count the strokes – there are far too many of them. Ten just has to endure the hair-pulling, humiliation, and painful lashes with the strap – knowing full well that there’s no way she can escape.

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    Catch Pandora, Ten, and so much more…click Dreams of Spanking


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    Bondage Spanking – Dreams of Spanking


  • Spring Break Spanking from Momma Spankings



    “Spring Break Spankings”

    Aunt Dana has taken her niece Sarah to Atlantic City for Spring break. In the first part of this long video, Sarah “borrows” a little too much money from Aunt Dana’s credit card to go shopping. This spoiled girl will soon learn that a cute dress and fancy shoes are not worth the bare bottom spanking and strapping she will receive in punishment. In the second part of this video, Uncle Richard meets up with Aunt Dana and Sarah for dinner. First of all Sarah is not ready when Uncle Richard arrives, and secondly, she is being very rude at dinner. When the three of them get back to the hotel room, Sarah is in for three spankings. One from her uncle, another from her aunt, and a long and hard one from both together.

    sarah gregory spanking
    It’s so clear why Miss Dana and Miss Sarah make such beautiful music together.


    ff spanking
    This makes us giggle. We’re not laughing at you, Sarah, but with you. Only you’re not laughing. ;)


    See more at Momma Spankings


    sarah gregory spanked
    A great picture needs form and composition, and this one has it all.


    girls spanked
    Start your weekend off right, with a close-up of Miss Sarah Gregory.


    Why did we just say the word “rapido”??


    women spanking women
    Miss Dana Specht, in all her classic style.


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    Spring Break Spanking


  • Now This Is Spanking!

    Two of our favorites, Miss Sarah Gregory and Miss Whitney Morgan.  Make us say “Miss” again.  Please…
    “Drunk on Vacation Again”
    “Sarah and her cousin Whitney are at it once again. While on vacation they stay out late drinking and getting up to no good. Daddy isn’t happy to find his daughter and niece at this same naughty behavior once again as in the previous film, Drunk on Vacation.”

    We’re not sure who’s squirming we’re enjoying more. Tough call.


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    sarah gregory spanking
    As you can see, this dad takes his job very seriously.

    mf spanking
    One to knock you right out of your shoes.

    whitney morgan spanking
    As we saved these stills, our day just kept getting better.

    domestic discipline
    One more, for good measure. And some video humor.

    spanking videos
    This is one for our permanent collection.


    There’s always fun to be had with Ms. Sarah and friends…click Sarah Gregory Spanking


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  • Northern Spanking (F/f) (M/f) – Two Solid Hits!



    “The Wager”
    “Stephen and Chris seem to have altogether too much domestic help. The help is, however, not very helpful when it comes in the form of Aleesha and Jenni. Pretty, but lazy and in need of discipline. This gives rise to a domestic challenge: who can most improve the girls performance via a sore, smacked bottom? There are several surprises in store for Stephen and Chris however as the girls seem to take their punishment rather too well…”

    miss chris spanking
    The lovely Jenni Mack, well-spanked by Miss Chris.


    otk spanking
    You can tell Jenni’s been here before…


    See more at Northern Spanking


    jenni mack spanking
    You know we would, too. But we’d better not.


    girls spanked
    What did we ever do, before the camera?



    “Paying The Price”
    “Paul and Alex were spending a weekend out-of-town and instead of coming back to the hotel when she was supposed to, Alex chose to spend some time on her favorite hobby: shopping! Frustrated by the amount of debt that Alex had been building up on his credit card, Paul decided to do a bit of shopping of his own. Alex soon discovered that he had purchased a school uniform, and a cane. Despite her pleading and begging, Alex soon found herself getting her bottom smacked before being bent over the bed for the cane. And the worst part? Her credit card privileges have been revoked – now she has to pay her own bills!”

    Ever make the pain face, just for somebody else?  The lovely Alex Reynolds.


    See more at Northern Spanking


    Paul Kennedy, with the warm-up pitch.


    domestic discipline
    Batter Up?  Alex playing soccer?  We just stare.


    butts spanked
    We’d like to tag this Home Plate, and call Alex SAFE!


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  • Spanking Erica Scott

    OK, so there are two things we love.  Spanking is one.  Erica Scott is the other.

    Put them together, and we have today’s post.  Really Simple.


    erica scott spanking
    Erica sent us this file, titled “Attitude”. Imagine that.

    Let’s take a peek at a few of Erica Scott’s free videos, so kindly posted for the sheer enjoyment of your late-night perving.


    Tears II



    Can You Please Repeat That?



    There You Go



    Notice how we did a complete 360′ on that?  That’s not an accident.

    Also, those are her top-viewed videos at the moment, so we think you all must agree.


    …that’s what Erica Scott does.  Don’t You Wish??


    Now, if you don’t already own the scenes below, seriously, go grab them.  Click Erica Scott on Spanking Library.


    Danny Chrighton, applying the pressure.


    The Villain Strikes Erica Scott on Spanking Library


    erica scott blogger
    From where we stand, Erica’s quite the actress.


    What happens when Erica foolishly answers a knock at her door in the middle of the night, and encounters a handsome, menacing stranger? Not what you might think! She offers him her wallet, jewelry, whatever he wants, and begs him to leave, but he is determined to get what he came for. Watch how Erica goes from terror to incredulity to… well, you’ll see, in this damsel-in-distress video with a twist.


    mf spanking

    Erica opened the door for Michael Donovan, aka The Villain. Good idea?

    When Danny Met Erica on Spanking Library

    Danny Chrighton, new to the California scene, is thrilled when the more experienced Erica Scott answers his ad. He is not so thrilled, however, when they meet, as she is smug and condescending to him. In this first scene, he quickly dispenses with the formalities and takes her OTK for a hard spanking.


    This slideshow requires JavaScript.


    The Spanking Professor from Shadow Lane


    erica scott spanked
    For Shadow Lane – OTK of Steve Fuller.


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    Spanking Erica Scott


  • Our New Favs – CFNM Spanking – POV Videos (F/m)


    What’s better than a spanking video?  Getting a spanking yourself.  Can’t get a spanking today?  Here’s a virtual solution for you.

    What??..everything else you do is in front of a computer screen!



    “You Showed My Daughter a Porno Magazine?!”

    An ageplay virtual discipline POV

    “You gave my son a dirty magazine, and his little sister Fae found it in his bedroom – you are in BIG trouble, young man!

    My son’s already been spanked hard for this, but he’s admitted that you gave him the magazine so I’ve called and asked your mom to send you over for discipline.

    When you arrive, my innocent daughter meets you at the door, gleeful that you’ll be spanked. When I send her to her room, though, she sneaks into the kitchen instead, where she can peek on your whole punishment.

    Fae’s eyes go wide as I yank down your underpants, pull you over my lap and spank you hard, before leading you to the corner. There you’ll spend one hour. As soon as I walk away, Fae comes to tease you while you stand in the corner…and when I come back to check – oh my! – you have an erection!

    Back across my lap you go, mister, until that thing goes away…and then ten hard ones with your own belt, again while Fae peeks around the corner, laughing at your pain and embarrassment.”

    pov spanking
    Miss Kane taking you over her knee, while pretty Fae watches with delight.


    See more at Dana Kane Spanks


    cfnm spanking
    Ms. Dana Kane, showing you the belt that’s about to be used on your behind.

    dana kane pov
    You never saw mad, look so damn sexy.


    Watch a short preview of this video HERE


    Stream or download this and 200+ more premium titles, now at Dana Kane Spanks


    Download only this scene at Dana Kane Scolds on Clips4Sale


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    And now, let’s take a hard left.  We mean hard..and upside down!


    “Paris Kennedy Disciplines Her Man”

    “Superstar fetish star Paris Kennedy returns to the site after about a decade from her last appearance. Her she plays an angry girlfriend who is tired of her man’s bad habits and she decides to teach him some harsh discipline with a strong otk spanking. She starts with her hand, but finishes him off with a hard wooden paddle. Welcome back, Paris, way to beat some ass!”


    Don’t you wish?!

    See more…click Clare Spanks Men


    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Once you work the kink out of your neck, wee more of Paris Kennedy and her strict girlfriends at Clare Spanks Men


    “Alexis Grace Spanks Husband For Looking”

    “One thing the husband of Alexis Grace should have learned by now is to not her see his wandering eyes. When they get back to the hotel room she puts him over her knee for a very long, very hard spanking because she caught him checking out the waitress. The tall beauty uses her hand and a paddle while lecturing him and setting him straight.”


    alexis grace spankingThe lovely Alexis Grace, ready to spank you.


    We just can’t imagine looking at anyone else but Alexis Grace.

    See more…click Clare Spanks Men


    alexis grace pov


    pantyhose spanking



    pov spanking

    See a short preview of this scene HERE


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