• Disciplinarians Are Always Right – Dana Kane Spanks


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    Who needs the boogeyman, when we’ve got Dana Kane Spanks?



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    “That’s his safe word, and if he uses it, that’s what he’ll have…all night long.”


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    “Unbreakable Dani”

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    “Dani has an obviously high pain tolerance – and she loves hard spankings – so getting her to understand that just because she’s able to take something doesn’t mean that she should will be difficult. Everyone should have a limit which protects themselves from harm when their playmate may be less than concerned, but Dani is too concerned with pleasing others and tends to allow her play sessions to go a bit too far.

    In the name of Learning a Valuable Lesson, I am going to spank the living hell out of Dani Sorrento today.”


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    “I’ve laid out a dozen various spanking paddles, straps, canes, and other things and catch Dani unawares, starting her spanking well before she’s had time to ready herself for it. Ordering her over my lap and pulling up her long clingy skirt, I begin spanking Dani immediately, pausing only occasionally to direct her to hand me more things to spank her with – and slowly leading up to the point of the whole scene – it’s going to get really hard, and I don’t believe for a minute that Dani cares enough about her own safety (or her poor suffering backside) to stop me.”


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    “No Mercy for Male Prisoner”

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    “Occasionally, a Spanking Court participant will fail to appear. When that happens, immediate punishment is necessary.

    In this particular case, not only did the participant fail to appear, but he also failed to appear for his second court appearance.

    On the day of, a male spankee was absolutely necessary to the show, so Michael agreed to stand in for this scene at the last minute.

    This was my chance : hes spanked me many times – and hard! – over the course of Spanking Court, and this was my opportunity to even the spanking score. You’ll see the look of glee in my face as the judge hands down the sentence and I bring him into the Sentencing Room.

    One hundred and twenty strokes with various implements of punishment ranging from wood paddles to leather straps to 20 with a long, thick cane at the end. By the time I’m done, he’ll wish that he’d failed to appear, too.”


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    “POV : Strict Babysitter”

    “Your new babysitter is STRICT! She lays down the law as soon as she sits down, telling you that if you do – just about anything – she is going to spank you.”

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    “If you jump on the bed…I will spank you.

    If you talk back…I will spank you.

    And, just in case you decide to say any naughty words, your new babysitter has a brand new bar of soap in her purse, right next to that scary wood paddle. You’re going to be good, young man, or else..”

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    “What Happens to Naughty Boys?”

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    “He’s been naughty today. Very, very naughty.

    I’m in a good mood, so instead of giving him a hard, cold punishment, I tease him by pulling him across my lap for a stinging hand spanking…

    ..complete with rubbing, teasing, and gripping his ‘offending member’ between my thighs while I warm his butt.

    He’s not to touch himself again today, or the punishment will fit the crime, so to speak.



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    Disciplinarians – Dana Kane Spanks


  • Adult Spanking – Spanking Veronica Works




    “Spank Club”

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    “Conceived by Veronica Ricci (who doesn’t actually appear in the episode but is in part 1) this is a group of ladies who get together to spank each other – as a secret club – and the winner is the one who doesn’t tap out. Lots of hard punishment to curvy bottoms in the name of spanking power!”


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    “Veronica comes up with the idea, but her friend Emily Parker thinks it’s a stupid one. So of course the two begin fighting, which leads to a spanking for each. And from there the idea is hatched and Veronica will begin recruiting girls for the big event.”



    “Putting Out the Fire”

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    “Karla Kush calls the fire dept. when she thinks some nuts in the oven will cause a fire. Veronica spanks her for the false alarm. But Karla will report Veronica if she isn’t allowed a revenge spanking, which includes a wooden spoon.”


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    “Waitress Spanking Incident”

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    “Veronica is a waitress who is pulled into the back room by Alexis Grace, an irate customer. The very tall and dominant Alexis puts Veronica over her knee for a sound spanking with hand and spatula because she doesn’t appreciate the service. But Veronica can teach a lesson, too!”


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    “Pirate Spankings”


    “Madison Martin and Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) hire a pirate to do some work on their computer. But Veronica Ricci shows up dressed as a real sea pirate, not realizing they were looking for computer work. Lots of very hard spanking and paddling takes place while this gets resolved.”


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    Adult Spanking – Spanking Veronica Works

  • Amateur Spanking – Cheekie Land



    “Cheekie Gets Real”

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    “Cheekie finds herself in another predicament, she’s been sick for a few days, cooped in the house and feels neglected by her top, so she’s done nothing but give her top hell for three days straight, as soon as her tops sees a window open for spanking this brat’s bottom she leaps through it.”

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    “Cheekie’s Real Discipline”

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    “Cheekie has been having a bad month, but this week in particular is HORRRIBLEE!!she’s being a b*tch to her friends, family and HER TOP, so watch as cheekie gets the attention she was looking for…… Cheekie is spanked with a hand, hairbrush, bath-brush, and wooden stick.”

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    Amateur Spanking – Cheekie Land


  • Michael Donovan’s Big Stick. #Spanking



    “Please Sir, May I Have Another”




    “In a few short months, I’ve put sweet Dani Sorrento through her paces : hand spankings, paddling and strapping. Throughout all of her spankings, Dani has managed to keep her composure, if not her gorgeous ass, intact. Dani can take HARD spankings.

    She also identifies as a submissive, although most of the things on Dani’s List are on the order of talking back, smart-mouthing, and questioning authority. That doesn’t sound too ‘submissive’ to me, so I tell Dani that I am going to see just how submissive she really is; I’m going to cane her, and after each stroke, she’s to say nothing whatsoever other than, “Please sir, may I have another.”

    I tell Dani that I won’t stop until she asks for mercy…or until I get tired of caning her.

    Posted up on my spanking bench, her full bottom is perfectly positioned for the cane. With no warmup, the caning starts. After each strike across her bottom, Dani makes her request, and I land the cane again.  Faster and harder, as she begins to struggle and welt, Dani’s discomfort is obvious…but she keeps asking for more.  And more.  And more.

    OVER 100 CANE STROKES LATER, one of us has to give in, as the angry red lashes on her bared flesh attest.  But will Dani crumble, or will I decide that she’s proved herself?”


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    “Dani’s List : 135 Complaints”


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    “This will be Dani’s first real discipline spanking, but certainly not the last.

    Referencing her self-improvement list, it’s easy to see where I need to begin her discipline program – sweet Dani Sorrento complains – a lot.

    Over the course of her list-making exercise, Dani recorded 135 various complaints, ranging from her job to her pets to other drivers, etc etc etc. I tell her that there’s no way this level of behavior is healthy for her or those around her, and that a good, hard dose of this heavy leather paddle – along with some eye-opening scolding – is the best remedy.

    Dani is committed to her process, and does her best to take the punishment.

    In Dani’s words: “I was told to place my hands on a desk and arch my back with some space between my feet. I felt bare, open and unprotected from the spanking to come; I believe that was the point of this position. Michael had a large, thick leather paddle in his hand that was completely new to me. He started talking about why I was here today, mentioning that we had just discussed why I need to work on my complaining. He didn’t talk for long at first, getting right to the point with how many complaints I wrote down in my notes. I told him 135 and he said that I was going to get a stroke for each complaint. That number sounded huge, and I knew this spanking was going to feel long. He asked me if I was ready and I said yes, I was to count each stroke out loud. I was in shock a little with the first whack, I forgot to say the number out loud and he had to tell me again to do so. I started counting with each stroke, but it was hard not to move. I knew that I was to hold my position at all times during discipline and I did good for most of it. Michael stopped after just 10 strokes, reminding me that 135 is a long ways away. He then pulled down my panties and continued spanking me until we got to 25. He kept reminding me that I still had plenty more to go and asked me if I regretted complaining that much. I already did, but there was not changing that number now and so we continued up until 50. Stopping to look at his notes, he walked over so he could look me in the eyes. “Stupid” was all he said at first. I had used the word stupid 15 times, idiot 3 times and moronic 3 times as well. The scolding was beginning.”



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    “Heather Michaels Punished for Cheating”

    spanking court


    “Schoolgirl Heather Michaels has been sent to Spanking Court for repeated cheating offenses at her school, Sternwood Academy. After being sentenced to 100 swats with a large wooden paddle, Heather finds herself over my Discipline Bench.  This scene begins about halfway through Heather’s paddle punishment, and she really struggles through the last fifty, as they land across both her lithe, pink cheeks at once.

    Heather’s pretty feet kick out, her knee socks and plaid skirt askew as she’s receiving her punishment, and I have no mercy on her cheating bottom even when her sweet voice begins to break with pain. Heather needs to learn that cheating is wrong, and this lesson should be a good start.”

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    “Unruly Brat Shackled and Paddled”

    “Painfully cute and VERY bratty, Christy Cutie has landed herself in our Holding Cell at Spanking Court.  Never one to go about her punishments without a large measure of sass, Christy is true to form here – she grabs her cup from her bedside table and begins to smack it noisily back and forth across her cell bars. What a racket!

    When I come in to calm the prisoner down, Christy continues making noise and giving me those big, bright eye and batting eyelashes, so I order her out of her cell and toss her over the Punishment Bench.  She’s not going to behave this way on my watch.  The pants and panties come off, and I shackle her bratty little hands and feet to the bench before beginning an on-the-spot 100 stroke spanking with a large, thick leather paddle.

    This rotten girl has the nerve to stick her tongue out at me. I’ve had this kind of attitude from Christy Cutie, and I know how to handle her.  Within no time, Christy has forgotten how tough she was acting just a few minutes earlier and is shrieking and writhing in pain as I land the paddle over and over on the same area of her misbehaving butt.”


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    Michael Donovan’s Big Stick – Spanking


  • SpankingFf at Clare Fonda Pass


    “Life Coach” – Jenna Sativa & Star Nine –Girl Spanks Girl

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    “Jenna Sativa has skipped class to go out with a girl.  When Star finds out, she puts Jenna over her knee for a long, hard spanking with hand and hairbrush, even though Jenna’s friend could show up at any minute.”

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    spanking faces

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    “Kay and Madison Spanking Reunion” – Kay Richards & Madison Martin –My Spanking Roommate

    women spanked

    “For our special 200th episode, Kay and Madison are back together, spanking each other long and hard, with hand and hairbrush.  It has been quite a while since they have seen each other and an argument about who their new roommates happen to be currently quickly turns into some painful over-the-knee spankings that leave both ladies sore, red and speckled.”


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    sexy spanking

    paddle spanking

    erotic spanking

    panties down

    spanking girlfriends

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    “Veronica Tries to Bring Lana Back” – Veronica Ricci & Lana Lopez

    spanked call girls

    “Lana Lopez is now living in her mom’s green house. Veronica Ricci visits her home with the intention of bringing Lana back to the call girl business.  Lots of hard spanking goes down before it is determined if it was a successful recruitment mission or not.  This is Lana’s hardest spanking yet!”

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    hand spanking

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    SpankingFf at Clare Fonda Pass

  • Disciplinarians Spank Hard – Spanking Sarah



    “A Riding Lesson”


    “You do not use a big hard whip on a horse and Amelia Jane Rutherford should know that. When she returns from her morning ride that lesson is going to have to be learnt and it seems that she needs to learn the hard way. You know me, I am very patient and quite willing to teach this nasty young lady what it feels like to be beaten. I start off over the top of her jodhpurs but soon decide she is getting too much protection from these so they will have to come down. My hand on her bare bottom soon makes its impression and Amelia protests loudly, to no avail, she will get the punishment she deserves.”

    spanking models

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    otk spanking

    girls spanked

    panty spanking

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    “Spanker For Hire”

    spanking sarah

    “Paul hires a young lady to come and spank him whilst I am away. Unfortunately I return and discover what he is up to. I decide to give them both a good thrashing. Rachel Leigh the young lady concerned is not at all happy about the tables being turned and less happy when I turn her over my knee and beat her bottom with a heavy wooden ruler and with my slipper. I do admit to giving her a very hard session but then, I think she well deserved a red and warm bottom.”

    girls spank girls

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    slipper spanking

    women spanked

    bdsm paddling

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    sluts spanked

    “Jess is babysitting for me and I find my pathetic husband in the sitting room groping her. I am not amused when he tells me she is shagging my friends husband. I am going to give her what for! I get my leather paddle and after making her kneel in the chair I lay into her bare bottom. I really hate it when someone does this to my friends and I give her a real telling off and use some very choice words before I make her bottom as red as her dress.”

    spanking videos

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    adult spanking

    bdsm videos

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    “Nurse Ella Hughes – Nurse’s Bottom For Hire”

    adult spanking

    “Nurse Ella Hughes has been accused by some of her fellow nurses of letting the doctors at the training school spank her bottom in return for money and for giving her higher grades. Matron also thinks that she is not up to scratch on her ward work and in general is a very bad example of what a nurse should be. Ella confesses to what she has been accused of and so punishment follows. This is a harsh punishment which leaves her close to tears as the leather paddle does its work on her bare bottom.”

    spanking sarah

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    spanked butts

    bum spanking

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    “Nurse Ella Hughes – Nurse’s Bottom Caned”


    “Nurse Ella Hughes has to learn a very painful lesson. She should not be hiring her bottom out to the young doctors to spank and play around with and she should not cheat her exam results. I have just paddled her and I thought you would like to see what happens when nurses I have punished still have not shown remorse. Yes, it’s the cane for them and Nurse Ella has to bend over the staff room table, bare bottom raised whilst I administer a severe caning”

    spanking sarah

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    caning videos

    ella hughes

    bdsm caning

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    Disciplinarians Spank Hard – Spanking Sarah